Just write.

Simple and refined application for writing lyrics


Just write

Apollo is a lyrics writer made to be used easily and by anyone. No bloat, no superfluous, all the features you really need to write. Stressed ? Give the Zen feature a try.

Record on the go

We have been inspired by famous apps recording systems to make ours. Just press and hold the big dot on the bottom bar at any moment to record your inspiration.

Before the studio

We've included a timeline, a metronome and basic editing tools so that you can get an idea of the song you are going to produce.


Organize your songs with albums, so you can separate your drafts from the finished songs. Or just for fun.


Share your lyrics or export your recordings so you can use it everywhere.

Blazing fast

We used Flutter and super cool tech to get a lightweight and fast application. Makes no sense to you ? Just give it a try.


Yup, Apollo is freemium. But at this price, you may change your mind.
Buy a subscription in app.



Free forever... but with some ads

Limited projects1


0.99€ /mo

No ads

Unlimited projects1

Cancel at any time


9.99€ /year

No ads

Unlimited projects1

Save on the Monthly plan

1The number of projects for the free plan can arbitrarily vary. Check directly in-app.

Why is Apollo paid ?

Apollo is available with a paid subscription, however we decided to set really low prices. These prices are symbolic and deliberately low by respect for our users: Apollo is not a business but an application that is family oriented and intimate. This small contribution supports our work for the app.

I can do the same thing with my phone memos, why should I view ads or pay to do it ?

Apollo is inspired by the iOS note application. However, it removes all superfluous functionality and focuses on writing lyrics. Lyrics recording allows to centralize everything from one app. Moreover, our ads are not invasive and should not distract you from your work. Let us know if you find that they do!